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Witch Hunter Robin Vol. 5
Author: Ross Locksley

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Witch Hunter Robin Vol. 5

Beez Entertainment
24 Jan 2006

With it's penultimate volume, Witch Hunter Robin makes a noble effort to recapture what must surely be the viewer's flagging attention.

Ditching much of the episodic elements of the previous volumes, there is now a notable story-arc running through this disc, and we're starting to see the true potential of the series as it begins to make bolder statements about WHR's worldview.

My previous comments regarding sympathising with the Witches rather than the Hunters seems to be echoed with this volume, especially the episode entitled Missing. Here, Robin meets a couple who lost their daughter to the Solomon organisation, and have to live with the dreadful knowledge that not only are they never likely to know what happened to their daughter, but that they themselves are under constant surveillence, and are in danger should they exhibit even the slightest supernatural ability.

Robin is also in a new position as hunted as opposed to hunter, and with Amon returning with an unknown agenda and revelations about Robin's true purpose for travelling to Japan, the series has stepped up a gear.

My principle complaint with the series has been it's lack of detail regarding the main characters. We find out more about the personal lives of those witches who are inevitably dispatched than with those who we're supposed to care about, and with the oft-awful English dialogue making matters worse, it becomes hard to invest yourself into this series. Volume 5 goes some way to restoring interest and, dialogue aside, provides plenty to get your teeth into.

For those of you who have stuck with the series, you're finally rewarded, and for those who fell by the wayside, there just might be enough here to make it worth another go.

Extras include two cast interviews and the usual Beez trailers.

Some nice character moments and plot progression give a beautiful series some much-needed depth.
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