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Twin Signal
Author: Ross Locksley

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Twin Signal

27 Aug 2006
Twin Signal is a 1995 OAV based on the manga of the same name. It features a young lad named Nobuhiko who lives with his robot-scientist Grandpa in the countryside, and his creation, the powerful, state-of-the-art robot named Signal. He shares the house with his irritating sister (also a robot scientist, albeit in training) and a robot maid whose so bland I forget her name.

When creating Signal, Grandpa promised his grandson that he would give the robot a personality based on whatever framework the boy wanted - in the event, Nobuhiko pined for an older brother figure, but during the data-input Nobuhiko sneezed. The computer didn't know what to make of the noise, so it translated it into a command to turn the fighting robot into a cute chibi version of itself.

That'll be Windows XP playing up then.

The 3 part series gradually introduces more robots, some good, some evil, and as such we're treated to a few natty fight scenes and various attempts at comedy.

Twin Signal isn't very good. To be fair, it isn't bad either, it's like the anime equivalent of a Happy Meal - you'll eat one but it's hardly a gourmet feast. There are some genuinely humorous moments (none of which involve the gimmick of watching Signal turn into his Chibi self when Nobuhiko sneezes) and a couple of likeable characters, but it really is just a Megaman clone, with taller robots and less attractive visuals.

Like Stratos 4 and BubbleGum Crisis 2040, Twin Signal suffers from being decidedly average, and unless you have the money to waste, there are far better titles out there vying for your cash.


Some semi-amusing dubbing outtakes, an art gallery and the usual assortment of trailers.
Bright and lively entertainment for kids, an obscure anime footnote for the rest of us.
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