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Street Fighter Alpha Generations

Author: Kevin Leathers

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Street Fighter Alpha Generations

Manga Entertainment
27 Nov 2005
Nothing has really topped the Street Fighter anime list since the original Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. The ‘Alpha’ series of Street Fighter has never really been received that well, especially the films, but maybe Generations could change all that. Then again, maybe not.

Stuff's going down. Akuma.. I mean Gouki has been a naughty student and has used the forbidden power of the Hadou, despite the warnings from his master. Having broken the rules, he beats up his master, nicks his necklace (obviously thinking that it looks better on him) and leaves just in time to have his “friend” Gouken (got to love the variety in the names for the original characters) to see his master's broken body just as moody Gouki walks off never to be seen again.

From here we fast-forward a few decades to see series stalwart Ryu get the crap kicked out of him by an old guy, whose daughter Ryu falls for, then Sakura arrives to be kicked about by Ryu, shortly after which Ken turns up to be beaten by the old man, then Ryu meets Akuma… damn it I mean Gouki, some purple people appear, followed by some soul searching before Ryu uses the good Hadou to defeat Gouki. There, summed up in two paragraphs, now you have no reason to sit through 45 minutes of awful anime. We’ve just saved you here, take note and move on people.

Still here? Oh alright - in case you missed it, the plot of this new Street Fighter is weak at best. The characters are completely one dimensional, with no real plot advances and all everyone seems to do is wait for Mr. Badass Gouki to turn up so he can fight Ryu, who is busy fighting demons…or purple people. They are very purple.

This may seem very harsh, but storyline and plot will make the viewer brain-dead from boredom. Nothing really happens, nothing really goes on and all we seem to get every so often are very generic, standard (and dull) fight scenes.

Think of the blandest curry you’ve ever had and you’ve hit the nail on the head.

The animation and character design may be nice to look at, but nothing here will blow your mind, especially the uninspiring soundtrack.

In the end, the ones that are going to picking this up are 1) Street Fighter fans 2) the remaining fans of DBZ or other such fighting anime that are in the need or more carnage or 3) someone who really has nothing else worth-while watching. It's not big, it's not clever, it's flat, boring and one-dimensional and will more than likely leave you in a boredom induced coma - just leave it on the shelf. You have been warned!
You’ll cry so much, you’ll pray for it to end.
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