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Slayers - Premium

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Slayers - Premium

ADV Films
RRP £19.99
24 Jan 2005
I'll admit it - I'm a total n00b to the Slayers universe. I've almost considered buying the manga a couple times but never really looked at the anime. Now when I got an email saying a review copy of a Slayers DVD was on its way I was pretty interested - I like trying new stuff. Now, being a n00b I didn't think I'd understand what was going on at the start but I did. It built itself up a little, the characters are clear and easy to grasp - basically this isn't a death wish if you haven't seen any Slayers before.

Well, onto the review - and its a hard one to review. On the one hand the comedy is hilarious - rarely do you see particularly original or complex jokes in anime, not to mention this doesn't really have a true "serious bit" (and most other comedy anime do). Another point is the animation is generally slick and nice with brilliant CG intergration (you know what's CG and what's not but it never looks out of place). However, on a bad note the whole thing is only about 30 minutes, and there aren't many extras (a nice interview though). Seriously, £20 for 30 minutes? Not the best value for money in terms of longevity. Naturally the whole thing is a little rushed, it could have done well with another 30 minutes. However, back on the good points the plot is supremely random. Seriously, not just "a little crazy" random, I mean some "ye olde" fighter people vs some *drum roll*...Wait for it... octupie! I mean, seriously, OCTUPIE!

Sadly, in the end the brilliance is flawed by the time length, I mean, if it was a cheap DVD like at say... £10 then it would be a classic but at full price you may want to think about it. However, it is a great introduction to the Slayers universe.


If you don't mind the running time its 9/10
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