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Psycho Diver
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

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Psycho Diver

As you can tell from the images above, Psycho Diver is neither cute nor perky - it's an adult anime featuring exploding brains and a lot of oddness. Making it even more unusual, Pyscho Diver is an anime about adults. Bizarre.

This is a one shot OAV following the noir-ish exploits of Bosujima who, if this were a live action movie, would require the acting *ahem* talents of Arnie or Stallone. He's rock-hard, built like a brick outhouse and pretty gruff. In short, the sort of hero any kid in the 80's would have aspired to be...

Bosujima is a Psycho Diver, a sort of techie psychiatrist who enters the minds of the mentally troubled in a bid to tidy away their demons and make them productive members of society again. His latest case is a young singer called Yuki, who has recently turned into a bit of a nutter. It seems there's a second, murderous personality living within her, but that's only the start of Bosujima's troubles. There'll be a big body count at the end of this tale, mark my words...

The dub is reasonable - Michael Scott Ryan does a credible job as Bosujima (he's also the voice of Kagato in Tenchi) and the rest of the cast grunt and scream appropriately. The music isn't up to much, but the animation is clean, if not overly impressive.

Whether or not this appeals depends largely on your tastes. Happily it's going to be at one end of the spectrum or the other, since it's hardly a humdrum EVA clone. If you liked Manga Entertainment's more gory output, you'll like this - it's hard edged and unashamedly violent. If you prefer the lighter side of anime you'll know enough to avoid it.


Not an outstanding example of its genre but solid enough for fans of gritty, violent anime.
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