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Plastic Little
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

Ross founded the UK Anime Network back in 1995 and works in and around the anime industry.

Plastic Little


Plastic Little, so called because Plastic in this world is a scarce commodity, is a Sci-Fi film of revolution and intrigue stuffed into a glorious 50 minute runtime. The plot follows a scientist's daughter, Elysse, as she narrowly escapes the military police sent to capture her and her father. The chase is soon on as we learn Elysse holds the key to "the ultimate weapon". (Scientist's daughters eh?) She runs into Tita, the captain of a pet-hunting ship who decides to help our fair maiden and stick one to the military while shes at it.

So, a motley but lovable crew of rebels take up arms against the military police in this surprisingly light hearted and pacifist sci-fi classic. Not only does the time fly by due to the masterful storytelling, but every character is memorable, with a likable ensemble cast facing some truly evil villains, just as it should be.

Tita gets through a lot of it's runtime on sheer charm. It's a truly beautiful piece of work, with every design looking incredibly sharp, the watercolour palette and soft-focus enhancing the experience no end. 

Tita never received a dub, so all we have is close-captioned subtitles. This is actually quite a shame, as although it makes the text crystal clear, it also shoves a lot of ugly black bars around the screen, which doesn't help the aesthetic.

Tita received a limited DVD release from Kiseki, though it's long been out of print (this edit takes place 5 years after the original review). You may find this on Ebay, and if you do see it for 50p, grab yourself one of the biggest bargains of your life.

Beautiful, touching and wonderfully realised. A gem.
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