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Love Hina Vol. 4
Love Hina Vol. 4

Love Hina Vol. 4

Written by Smellyone on 25 May 2005

Distributor MVM • Certificate PG • Price £17.99

Well, Love Hina veterans will know what to expect by now - some odd-ball stories centred around a dysfunctional housing complex, lots of romance, lots of drama, lots of repeated jokes and plenty of weirdness.

Well, look who delivered once again? Volume 4 is just that - the fourth in a series of DVDs. It has just about all the things that make Love Hina brilliant but at the same time most of the things that make Love Hina dull.

There are the typical predictable unfunny repeated jokes, there is the same extremely high quality art and music, there's the typical love sub-plots and (as always, ALWAYS)Keitaro getting kicked around the place.

However, unlike the previous volumes this one really starts varying things with really different episodes and new characters being introduced seemingly at random. This is by no means bad, as previous volumes became tedious with the lack of new and more interesting characters.

But, still, the real saving grace is Su who once again comes back with more totally random insanity well worth a look on its own.

To be honest, I know this review is way too short but that fits the series perfectly - there's nothing too much to comment about which hasn't been mentioned a million times before. Good if you're interested I guess is the final message, but be prepared to get a little bored.
Not bad, not too good either


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