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Love Hina Vol. 2

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Love Hina Vol. 2

Hmm....Yesterday I wrote the review for Love Hina volume 1 and wasn't very impressed. I'm still not amazingly impressed but the series seems much better now with volume 2. The slightly dull romantic scenes of volume 1 are rarely quite so soppy now, the series seems to have really found its place - crazy, impossible, insane plots.

For a start it adds two new characters (both of which I hope are in volume 3), some serious plot development and two crazy, crazy, crazy episodes! Naru and Keitaro both fail their college entrance exams so each decide to go on a vacation. With the main idea being to get away from the other, however they both accidentally pick the same city, train and hotel! Worst of all the land lord of the hotel forces them to sleep in the same room because there aren't enough rooms for all the guests! However, through all this their glasses are broken so they don't realise its each other. This leads (through rather unlikely circumstances) to a chase around Japan finding their new friends' house! The craziness doesn't stop there though! With a "dream reading machine" and video game addiction in the later two DVDs this is a very eclectic package.

One slight downfall I noticed was the art and animation isn't quite as good as it seemed in volume 1. Also, one of the large problems with volume 1 was the lack of competent extras - this is not rectified here with a very similar set. There's even less trailers than before!

However, these slight problems aside, on the whole the series seems to be improving and the plot is developing well. A recommended watch if you liked Volume 1 and are into crazy rom-com! Oh, and try to be in a hyper mood while watching this - it will help a lot!


Nothing spectacular but very worthwhile.
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