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Gantz Vol. 4-5

Gantz Vol. 4-5

Written by Kevin Leathers on 22 Aug 2006

Distributor MVM • Certificate 18 • Price £19.99

Gantz is a funny one to watch. Funny weird, not funny ha ha. We’re a good half way into the series now and we still know very little of what is actually going on. While the core three characters have been getting plenty of screen time, we still know very little of why any of this is happening.

So what is happening this time then? Well, the group finishes off the mission from volume 3, with predictable casualties. We learn more about the main three characters and it seems at this point Kurono really does have a one track mind.

The problem with Gantz is that it seems stuck in a repetitive rut.. They get sent to the room, they go on a mission, they do the mission, they come out and we get an episode reflecting on the core three characters and maybe a couple of others. Rinse and repeat. It’s getting stale.

Most of the interest is derived from the constant introduction of new characters into the series. While the core three are constant throughout, the “replacements” for their fallen comrades do add a little to the mix in a bid to keep things fresh. This is a double-edged sword as these replacements never seem to last long enough for us to even remember their names, let alone get attached to them in any shape or form. They seem quite useless to the overall plot and are just there as fodder for Gantz to throw en-masse at the enemy.

That said, the final episodes of volume 5 really throw you a curve ball. The seemingly unthinkable plot twist the end of volume 5 is enough for you to look at the screen, eyes wide open and say “WOW”! For those that have stuck with Gantz up to this point, you really are going to be rewarded for your patience. The question is should you have waited for 19 episodes for something major to happen?


Vol. 4:
Interview with creator Hiroya Oku and actress Chiaki Kuriyama
Interview with director Ichiro Itano and CG director Yashurio Kato
Clean opening animation
Clean closing animation
Japanese commercial for the video game

Vol. 5
Gantz Music Video
Saved by the final episodes of volume 5, but should it have taken this long to get this far?


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