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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Box 2

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Box 2

Written by Kevin Leathers on 07 Sep 2010

Distributor Beez Entertainment • Certificate 15 • Price £34.99

So we have finally arrived at the final chapter of the Code Geass saga and it has been a hell of ride getting here. The question is, has the series run out of steam before being able to hit the climax?

Lelouch’s plans are coming together and the world is starting to be shaped into his ideal. However the persona of Zero is quickly starting to unravel and expose the Britannian prince as leader of the Black Knights. With so much at stake, it looks as though Lelouch has a lot cut out for him.

All I can say is... damn. If there is one thing that Code Geass cannot be called, it is dull. The first series was about getting involved with Lelouch and his Black Knights, while series two was all about the final plan taking place. While we’ve been treated to wall-to-wall battles and plans, counter-plans and military strategy to fill several text books, the series does feel like it is running out of steam towards the end.

Obviously it would be unjust to start revealing plot details, especially to those that have yet to witness the series, but during the course of Code Geass it does seem to have a selection of plot points which it seems to constantly fall back on. The main one is upping the stakes with the appearance of another major weapon or improvement. While one is seen being developed, others just seem to appear out of the blue with their awesome destructive power. While it does make things more interesting to see how characters react to new threats, it does nonetheless feel like a selection of convenient plot points.

The second irritation comes from producers Sunrise themselves.  Code Geass is, like many of Sunrise’s series, looking at war and humanity’s need to conquer in a very harsh light, suggesting that we are not the enlightened beings some believe that we are. While that is fine in bursts, towards the end it becomes very concentrated to the point of being overwhelming and sucking the entertainment of the series so far out of everything. Everyone seems to have a theory on life and feel the need to explain and argue it with Lelouch which, being his character,  he loves to argue with.

The final issue I had is that the series seemed to of have carried on beyond what was I thought to be its logical ending. While we did come to this point much earlier than I was expecting, it sure did feel that the last set of episodes of beyond that point were designed to give an ending that tied everything up in a nice bow. A shame as the last set of episodes, while concluding everything, seem to have been the weakest of both seasons, although there will still be scenes that will bring tears to your eyes.

While I have been kind of down on this final set of Code Geass, I really can’t argue with the entertainment value of the series as a whole. There have been very few series that manage to hold my attention from beginning to end and have me craving more from each disc. Yes, the final set is the weakest of the four, but it still manages to entertain and you will be hard pressed not to say that the combat isn’t some of the best you have seen in recent anime.

Regarding the subtitles for the discs, there are a couple of spelling mistakes we noticed while viewing the DVDs. Nothing that will spoil the enjoyment of the show, but they are noticeable and should be taken into account.

So there we have it. As a whole, Code Geass has proven itself to be a highly entertaining series and one that should be enjoyed by action and mecha fans alike. Everything from design, animation and characters to its story are high grade and will be highly enjoyed. It does falter towards the end, but you’ll more than likely be so engrossed in what is happening you’re unlikely to give it too much notice. It’s been one hell of a ride and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it.

The weakest volume of the lot, but still damned entertaining.


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