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Angelo Bacciarelli

Favourite Anime

Legends of Galactic heroes 
Cowboy Bebop 
Patlabor (TV) 
Haibane Renmi 

Favourite Manga

Oyasumi PunPun 
Omoide Emanon 
Dungeon Meshi 
Flying witch 

Angelo Bacciarelli

Angelo has a love for all things anime, coffee and linguistic related. 


Features, interviews and Special Events
Topping up on TMS
by Robert Frazer

A round-up of the free anime available to view streaming on the TMS YouTube channel
2021: The year that mecha retakes the spotlight
by Angelo Bacciarelli

Angelo looks at the horizon and sees the resurgance of mecha in 2021!
Guilty Gear Strive Open Beta
by Ross Locksley

An early look at Arc System Works next-level fighting pedigree