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Wolf's Rain Ultimate Edition on sale tomorrow

Wolf's Rain Ultimate Edition on sale tomorrow
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

Ross founded the UK Anime Network back in 1995, and following Andy Hanley's retirement has returned to the post of Editor-in-Chief in 2017. What an old man!

Anime Ltd launch their latest ultimate edition tomorrow, the mighty Wolf's Rain. An original concept from Studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist) Wolf's Rain is a series with a strong ecological message, told through the lives of Wolves who have adapted to be seen as human among the masses. 


Paradise-a legend, a myth, and a hopeless dream in a world that has become a wasteland. It is not meant for everyone, only the wolves thought to be extinct yet still roam the lands. When the Flower Maiden awakens, the path to the end will open.

Kiba, a lone white wolf, wanders into a poverty stricken city on a quest. The scent of Lunar Flowers and the will to find Paradise is all he has. Along the way, he runs into other outcast wolves: Tsume, Hige, and Toboe, each with their own story and troubles. Fate bringing them together, and together they seek out the Flower Maiden, Cheza, and their way to Paradise. But, doing so is no simple matter.

Up against a world that fears them and a man with mysterious abilities, their journey is overrun with challenges and worse-sacrifices. With limited time, they must fight to protect Cheza against everyone who seeks her and discover the hidden path to their destiny. This group of broken souls will form a pack and take their journey to the doors of Paradise. But is it worth the end of the world?

The Ultimate Edition Set


  • 26 Episodes plus teh 4 episode OAV to conclude the story
  • A rigid case containing the discs and set of 9 art cards
  • Additional content, including, 2 Japanese cast interviews, staff interview, Japaense promotional material and a textless video of "Stray" from the series opening
  • Three A3 posters
  • 100 Page artbook

The RRP is £149.99, but will likely be a touch cheaper when it reaches retailers. Full details can be found on the All The Anime Blog.

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