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Violet Evergarden delayed due to substandard quality

Violet Evergarden delayed due to substandard quality

Written by Ross Locksley on 05 Jan 2021

Following the problems regarding their release of Gundam SEED and Weathering With You, Anime Ltd have announced a delay to yet another title due to poor quality control on the master discs. Unfortunately in this case it seems that improved quality is not a guarantee.

In an email sent to direct customers (though not through resellers such as Zavvi) the company stated:

Dear Violet Evergarden buyer,

We know many of you were looking forward to receiving shipping notifications imminently for this series - however it’s been brought to our attention that the video quality is not up to our usual standards for a release.

As a result we’re pausing the release to work with a specialist authoring house to look at the masters and see if we can improve them. Assuming the answer is yes, we’ll get the disc reauthored and replaced in the set as soon as we can before shipping your order to you.

Anime Limited remains committed to delivering the best possible edition on first release we can, which is why we’re delaying it not just shipping then offering a replacement scheme.

As soon as we’ve evaluated the video masters vs the Blu-Rays, we’ll update again on timeframes.

We thank you for your understanding, and we will continue to endeavour to have Violet Evergarden out to you as soon as possible!

While it is laudable to present the product at its best, it is a shame that those with pre-orders have no idea when or even if an acceptable version will be shipping.

Ross Locksley
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