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Takashi Okazaki to attend MCM Scotland Comic Con

Takashi Okazaki to attend MCM Scotland Comic Con
Dan Rhodes
Author: Dan Rhodes

Dan has been writing for UK Anime Network since 2013, and has been the site's Anime Editor since August 2017.

It's almost MCM Scotland Comic Con time again (23rd-24th September), and Anime Limited have made a late announcement regarding the guest of honour. Takashi Okazaki will be in attendance for the Guest of Honour panel and two subsequent singing events.

For those unfamilar with the name Takashi Okazaki is a character designer and creator of the iconic franchise Afro Samurai. As well as being a character designer on anime including Mamoru Hosoda’s Summer Wars – where he designed King Kazma; the fan favourite fighting rabbit avatar – and Marvel’s X-Men series, produced by the world famous Madhouse studio.

Okazaki-san is also likely to speak about upcoming projects he’s working on including the Autumn anime series Vanishing Line, which is the next chapter in the Garo franchise, during his panel on Saturday that will look over his career to date.

In addition to this panel you will have the chance to meet the man himself when he participates in two free (meaning no additional charge to your price of entry) signing sessions over the weekend.

Takashi Okazaki events during MCM Scotland Comic Con Weekend:

  • Anime Guest of Honour Panel, Saturday 1:30pm @ MCM Theatre
  • Free Signing Session #1, Saturday 3pm-4:30pm @ Guest Signing Area
  • Free Signing Session #2, Sunday 2pm-3:30pm @ Guest Signing Area

NOTE ABOUT SIGNING SESSIONS: These are free events where there will be an item provided that can be signed by Okazaki-san. Alternatively you can bring one item of your own to be signed. Posed photos with Okazaki-san are at his discretion on the day of the event.

Anime Limited also announces a Scotland Loves Anime panel, which will take place on the Saturday of the event, from 1-1:30pm. That will provide a preview of the upcoming Scotland Loves Anime Film Festival.

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