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Stay With Me is Number 1 song on Spotify UK

Stay With Me is Number 1 song on Spotify UK

Written by Ross Locksley on 26 Dec 2020

First released 40 years ago, Miki Matsubara's Stay With Me has spent over 11 days at number one on the Spotify Global charts, with over 320 million subscribers.

The song is classified as "City Pop", a term coined in the 70's and 80's (the Bubblegum Crisis soundtrack has some excellent examples!), and one that has seen a massive revival recently, especially in Asia, Europe and the West Coast of the USA. The genre has been mixed with modern beats to create some anthemic club tune, and has been spreading on Youtube and music services with hugely popular playlists.

Stay With Me was used in a track by popular Indonesian Youtuber Rainych, who placed a remix on her channel back in October - since then, the original sing has been on an unstoppable rise through streaming charts across the globe. 

As of December 20th , ‘Stay With Me‘ had been in the No.1 position on the Spotify Global Viral chart for 11 straight days, appearing on the charts in 49 countries and regions. In UK it has now been in the No 1 position on Spotify UK chart for 7 days straight. On Apple Music the song has hit No 1 on J-Pop rankings in 84 countries and regions (originally 12 countries and regions). It has also been in the top 10 in 100 countries and regions (originally 47 countries and regions) .The song has been No.1 in UK for 18 days straight.

Check out the track below and enjoy some classic Japanese City Pop this yuletide season!

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