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Seven Seas announce digital editions of numerous titles

Seven Seas announce digital editions of numerous titles
Andy Hanley
Author: Andy Hanley

Andy has been writing for UK Anime since 2006, and was the site's editor-in-chief until August 2017.  Contrary to popular belief, Andy is not actually a robot.

After a slow start to the uptake of digital manga by publishers, the last year in particular has seen most company's embracing digital platforms like they might their own child. Perhaps the biggest outlier in that sense in recent times has been Seven Seas Entertainment, but even their stance towards digital titles seems to be changing after a notable announcement over the weekend.

It's now been confirmed that a range of titles that were previously only available in physical form will now be getting digital releases on all of the popular digital storefronts in the near future, meaning that you'll be able to read the following titles from such platforms soon:

- Girl Friends
- Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossom Pink
- Gakuen Polizi
- Love in Hell
- Love in Hell: Death Life
- I Don’t Like You At All, Big Brother!!
- Tomodachi x Monster
- Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary
- My Pathetic Vampire Life

This list of titles newly slated for a digital treatment can be found on the Seven Seas Entertainment Tumblr - if you're looking to keep tabs on the full list of the publisher's digital titles, then Bookwalker's publisher page for the company should offer you all the information you need.

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