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Persona 3 Movies 1-4 standard releases coming in 2018

Persona 3 Movies 1-4 standard releases coming in 2018
Dan Rhodes

Author: Dan Rhodes

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In a surprise announcement, tying in with their 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS promotion, Anime Limited have stated that they will be bringing the Persona 3 movies back to the UK - this time in standard edition Blu-ray form. This will no doubt be welcome news to Persona fans who have yet to take the plunge on the Collector's Editions, with many of those sets now either out of print or close to selling out these new standard releases couldn't be coming at a better time.

Anime Limited are hoping to release the new sets over the first two quarters of 2018, but cannot confirm exact dates as yet. One thing they have confirmed is the pricing: Movie #1 Spring of Birth will hit shelves with an SRP of £24.99, while Movies #2 to #4 will have an SRP of £19.99. The reason for this discrepancy being that Movie #1 Spring of Birth will include a rigid art box for holding your entire Persona 3 Movie collection.

You can currently pre-order the entire collection for £34.99, as a "One-Day Only Early-Bird Pre-order Offer" which forms day 6 of Anime Limited's 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS promotion. And you can find more details about the release on the Anime Limited Blog.

Source: Anime Limited.

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