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Manga Entertainment have some good news and some bad news

Manga Entertainment have some good news and some bad news
Dan Rhodes
Author: Dan Rhodes

Dan has been writing for UK Anime Network since 2013, and has been the site's Anime Editor since August 2017.

Let us begin with the bad news: Manga Entertainment have this morning taken to Twitter to announce that their Blu-ray release of their Soul Eater Complete Series Box Set has been shelved.

"Unfortunately, we are not able to access the Soul Eater BD masters and will be shelving the project. We know this is very disappointing to many, and sincerely apologise. We have tried our best to make this happen, but ultimately it is not possible for us at this point in time."

The 'word on the streets' is that accessing the Blu-ray masters turned out to be prohibitively expensive and would have led to the venerable UK distributor making a loss on the release. Thankfully for UK based Soul Eater fans the series has been previously released on DVD, and is still availible, meaning you can at least get your fix - even if it isn't in High Definition.

However, Manga Entertainment also had some good news: The third part of their Digimon movie series, Digimon Adventure Tri – The Movie Part 3: Confession, has been brought forward by one week to18th December 2017. Meaning the film will be available at retailers with plenty of time before Christmas.

Synopsis: Meicoomon vanishes into the distorted abyss. Shaken, Tai and the others search for answers about Meicoomon’s infection. Izzy seeks answers from Meiko but she’s lost all emotion. Izzy quarantines Agumon and the other Digimon in the office so that the infection can’t spread any further, but Patamon starts to show signs of the illness. Agumon and the others use Kari’s voice to tell the team about an important secret concerning the Digital World.

Are you happy about Digimon, sad about Soul Eater? Let us know in the forums.

Source: Managa Entertainment.

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