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Mamoru Hosoda's next film confirmed, tentative May 2018 release date set

Mamoru Hosoda's next film confirmed, tentative May 2018 release date set
Andy Hanley
Author: Andy Hanley

Andy has been writing for UK Anime since 2006, and was the site's editor-in-chief until August 2017.  Contrary to popular belief, Andy is not actually a robot.

We may not have seen director Mamoru Hosoda's previous work, The Boy and the Beast, given anything but the most curt and appalling treatment by its UK distributor, but perhaps we can cross our fingers and hope that his latest film is given a more suitable airing on our shores?

Regardless, it's been confirmed during the Cannes Film Festival that the well-known anime director is currently working on a new film, which has been tenatively scheduled for a May 2018 theatrical release in Japan.

Studio Chizu again take on production duties for the film, which currently has the working title of Mirai. The Variety web site has the full scoop, including a synopsis of the film:

“Mirai” follows a 4-year old boy who is struggling to cope with the arrival of a little sister in the family, until things turn magical. A mysterious garden in the backyard of the boy’s home becomes a gateway allowing the child to travel back in time and encounter his mother as a little girl and his great-grandfather as a young man. These fantasy-filled adventures allow the child to change his perspective and help him become the big brother he was meant to be.

Needless to say, well be keeping a close eye on future news on this project, and crossing our fingers for a more fitting UK distribution of the film.

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