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Gundeem SEED Ultimate Edition delayed until 2021

Gundeem SEED Ultimate Edition delayed until 2021

Written by Ross Locksley on 18 Nov 2020

Anime Ltd has announced that their release of the Ultimate Edition for Gundam SEED has been delayed due to technical issues on the master discs.

The North American release had 2 issues:

  • The discs featuring the HD remaster were using the broadcast episodes rather than the home release versions
  • Black levels on the Standard Definition were incorrect

Nozomi Entertainment (aka RighStuf Anime) has offered replacement discs:

"After consultation with SUNRISE, we are pleased to confirm that replacement materials used for the Japanese Blu-ray release of the program are being dispatched to us, and are expected later this month. Upon their receipt, we will create new Blu-rays using the Home Video masters. We expect, given required time for production, quality checks, and manufacturing, this will be finished after the holiday season."

Anime Ltd has opted to delay the release until it can be shipped with the correct discs, as announced on their twitter account:

"As this news impacts our release, we want to make it known our Gundam SEED set will now be coming in 2021 (date TBC) when the new disc masters are available. This is to ensure our release has the correct discs utilising the home video masters. Thank you for your understanding."

A new release date has yet to be confirmed.

Ross Locksley
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