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Five anime movies submitted for nomination in 2018 Oscars

Five anime movies submitted for nomination in 2018 Oscars
Robert Frazer
Author: Robert Frazer

The team's roving reviewer, Robert zips to and fro like a ninja in the rafters, writing in all categories. UKA firmly denies that he snatches review copies after throwing a smoke bomb into the office... and will do so until the antidote for the poisoned Hob-Nobs is administered.

As the end of the year approaches the entertainment industry is gearing up for awards season, in order to recount the achievements of a busy 2017. Hollywood trade paper Variety has just announced the movies accepted for official consideration in the 90th Academy Awards, which will take place in early 2018. It's a big year for anime as no less than five anime films are in the running for recognition:

Anime fans shouldn't hold their breath for a tickertape celebration just yet, though - this is not the shortlist of official award nominations, only the longlist of titles being submitted. Voting from Academy members will be divided amongst a highly competitive list of 26 different films. Anime has historically struggled in the Disney Promotional Junket - er, sorry, "Best Animated Feature" - category, and many of you will remember the infamous snubbing of Your Name in last year's Oscars - Shinkai's film not even making it into the nominations, despite it being the highest-grossing anime movie of all time. Nonetheless, with many high-profile titles on offer this is a year with great promise for anime, and you can look forward to the formal nomination announcements on 23rd January 2018 with anticipation.

Which anime film would you like to see awarded an Oscar? Which one do you think is most likely? Let us know in the forums or comments below!

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