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CELSYS sponsors Wacom's Connected Ink event on November 18th

CELSYS sponsors Wacom's Connected Ink event on November 18th

Written by Ross Locksley on 19 Oct 2020

Our friends at CELSYS, the developers of the essential drawing app, Clip Studio Paint, have been in touch to let us know about their sponsorship of the Wacom Connected Ink event, which will be held in the Sumimoto Shinjuku building, Tokyo, on November 18th.

The event, which can be found online on Wacom's website, will allow artist worldwide to take part in panels, seminars and other arty events.

Event highlights include:

  • Wacom and Oiso (Kanagawa Prefecture) event discussing how to support kids’ love of drawing.
  • Celsys will host Creative Together! Connected 21-hour Drawing Party featuring a total of 60 creators from around the world who will be streaming their live drawings for 21 hours.

Guest speakers will include:

  • Jorge Gutierrez, Netflix USA, Emmy Award Nominated director for animation
  • Lee Bofkin from Global Street Art UK
  • Gina DeDomenico, Costume Design Guild USA
  • Michael Morris - Discussing The Cartoon Crunch (an ultimate week-long animation challenge)
  • J-Fever - Chinese rap artist inspired by Japanese cartoons and cult books

Other events of note include IMART - Interntaional Manga Anime Festival Reiqa Toshima - a borderless conference in the realm of manga and anime, presenting a discussion on the Doujin Exhibition in the time of COVID-19

From the Press Release:
Connected Ink is an open innovation platform run by Wacom. With this event as the 5th Connected Ink event, it is possible to attend all sessions online, including the event being held at Sumitomo Building Triangle Square. Creative industry experts and ecosystem partners from Europe, the Americas, and Asia will also be present at events hosted by Wacom's local subsidiaries, which will be broadcast live on YouTube and Zoom channels and will be available to all registered users worldwide.

Connected Ink Summary

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