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Anime Limited MCM Day 3 Round up

Anime Limited MCM Day 3 Round up
Robert Mullarkey
Author: Robert Mullarkey

Computing graduate who works in an office.  Still finds enough time to watch a lot of anime and play a lot of video games

The final day of MCM May 2018 featured a panel held by Anime Limited; in which they detailed plans for even more titles to look forward to.


Angelic Layer

A classic Clamp series that sees a young girl enter a battle tournament with her doll Hikaru.  The doll is controlled via a system called angelic layer that takes the users thoughts and transmits them to the doll in order  to make them move.

Released by ADV a few years ago on DVD, the series has since gone out of print. We are very excited to see Anime Limited bring this series back to the UK.

Anime Limited is planning to release the entire series as a Limited Collector's edition on Blu-ray as a digipack in a rigid case along with a 40 page book later this year.


Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The sealed Card

Taking place at the end of the original series. The sealed card features a new card that is targetting Sakura and her collected cards. With the help of her friends Sakura must capture this new card even if it means risking losing the feelings for the one she cares about most.

Seeing a Cardcaptor Sakura property being licensed in the UK has got us at UKAnime excited for what this means for other properties. Whether this leads to Clear card or even the original series being licensed remains to be seen. But for now; we are happy to have a great film to add to our collections

Anime Limited will release Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2 as a limited edition Blu-ray. Release date to follow


Cowboy Bebop 20th Anniversary Edition

We love Cowboy Bebop here. What more can you say about it that hasn't already been said. One of Anime Limited's first Blu-ray releases and also been released on DVD by beez. We are curious to see what approach Anime limited will take with this version

Anime Limited plan to release this edition later this year. Details of what will be included will be released at a later date.


Perfect Blue: Ultimate Edition

A groundbreaking film by the late director Satoshi Kon. A psychological thriller featuring an idol turned actress.

Another re-release from Anime Limited. However this new set promises to use the newest video transfer and has a plethora of extras that are tempting us here at UKAnime who already own this film on Blu-ray already

Anime Limited Plan to release the Ultimate edition later this year. The set will contrain a 380 page fully translated storyboard book, an original soundtrack CD, the film on Blu-ray with a new and improved transfer which uses a brand new remaster of the film.


FLCL Vinyl

Along with these license announcements. Anime Limited also confirms their plans to release more Vinyl with FLCL being their newest confirmed release. We can't wait for this as FLCL has a phenomenal soundtrack which we can't wait to hear in this format



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