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MANGA REVIEW: Ayashi No Ceres (aka Ceres Celesteal Legend)

Ayashi No Ceres (aka Ceres Celesteal Legend)

I picked up this manga out of vague interest in Forbidden Planet and boy was I glad I did! Ceres Volume 1 has beautiful artwork and Sad, and Funny storyline.

Written by Yu Watase the author of Fushigi Yuugi, Ceres follows the story of Aya Mikage a 16 year old girl with the blood of the ‘Celestial’ or ‘Heavenly Maidens’ though she doesn’t know this at first.

Due to their linage Mikage children are ‘tested’ at the age of sixteen to see if the have the power of the ‘Celestial Maidens’ if they do, they are killed. Aya has that power , her twin brother Aki has a power to but the Mikages believe his will help them where as Aya’s will dystroy them.

We are introduced Aya Mikage, and, Aki Mikage, the twins, Grandpa Mikage, who wants Aya dead, Kagami Mikage, who is very interested in unlocking the true power of Aya, Suzumi Aogiri, Aya’s fellow Celestial Maiden, Yuhi Aogiri, The ‘Master Chef’ brother in-law of Suzumi and Töya, the quite man with no memory of his past and a love for Aya despite being employed as Bodyguard for the Mikages and being ordered to kill Aya.

Aya is rescued by Suzumi & Yuhi, but still is desperate to return Aki to make sure he is safe. She is also in love with Töya. I loved this story through and through and I hope to get Volume 2 very soon!

Funny, sad, risqué, what a great mix!
is a guest writer for the UK Anime Network.
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Ayashi No Ceres (aka Ceres Celesteal Legend)

Price: 5.99

Writer/Artist: Yu Watase


Fantasy, Romance


Date Published: