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Under the Covers: Berserk Blu-ray Collector's Edition

Under the Covers: Berserk Blu-ray Collector's Edition

Whether its later iterations found favour with you or not, there's no denying the enduring popularity of the original Berserk TV anime - popularity that has led to it enjoying a new Blu-ray Collector's Edition release, which we take a look at here.

To check out our look at this new edition of an old classic you can find our coverage in the embedded video below, or via this link.

Have any thoughts on this video or the release itself? Leave us a comment below, and watch out for our review of this release very soon!

Andy Hanley

Andy has been writing for UK Anime since 2006, and is currently the site's editor-in-chief.  Contrary to popular belief, Andy is not actually a robot.

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