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The Crystal Ball: 2011 Game Preview Page 1

So, we’ve had our look at the anime that is coming our way in 2011. But it’s not just anime that gets the fans hot under the collar; what about the games that are incoming for the next year? Well, fear not as we take a look at all of the upcoming games for 2011 that the typical anime fan will have a hard time resisting.

Valkyria Chronicles III


Platform: PSP
Publisher: Sega
Release date: TBC

Yes, the next instalment in the Valkyria Chronicles franchise is heading to the PSP again. We too heard the cry of fans of the original game shatter the skies, but there you have it. No matter what you could say about VC2 on the PSP, be it the high-school setting, or smaller battlefields, the main gameplay was refined from the original and actually involved more tactics. Plus, being able to play it on the go had its advantages, although admittedly it's not really something you would want to play on the toilet.

Valkyria Chronicles III is simply of the same gameplay from the previous game, but this time the plot and characters aren’t just some kids being sent out to kill. Well, they are, just not against a school backdrop. Set during the Second Europan War, the game follows a unit called “The Nameless” which is basically a black ops team full of deserters, criminals and military offenders who officially no longer exist. This time around, the story should be much more interesting.

The game is due for release in Japan in January and while no release date has been announced for Europe, we can only hope Sega plans to announce it soon.




Platform: PS3, Xbox 360
Publisher: Atlus
Release date: TBC

The team behind the Persona series are back, and this time with an all new action-adventure game. Rumours are abound in the game's setting about young men dying in their sleep. With this in mind, Catherine follows the main character Vincent who is thinking of proposing to his long-time girlfriend Katherine. He encounters a girl named Catherine and ends up sleeping with her. Following this, Vincent starts to have nightmares every night, and with reality and dreams blending together Vincent must figure out what is going on to survive… oh and he needs to pick a girl too.

This title marks a departure for the Persona team, as the game is an action-adventure outing instead of the usual RPG fare we have come to expect from the guys and girls at Atlus. The action will be focused within the nightmare sections where Vincent must survive until the morning. The day sections will be adventure based as Vincent tries to figure out what is happening to him and how he can stop it, all while having to choose between the two girls.

The game is set for release in Japan come April and there is currently no release date for English speaking countries. Hopefully someone will pick it up and release it for 2011 in Europe.

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