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Summer 2017 anime preview - Page 4


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Sadly not anything Shirobako related, this is the sequel series to 2015's Urawa no Usagi-chan - a short slice of life comedy series where all the characters are named after stations in Japan's Saitama prefecture.

Should I watch this? Well, if you liked the first season then I'm sure you'll want to see more, and if not the short episode length means you can jump on Crunchyroll and watch the entirety of season one in about half an hour. It doesn't look like this'll be anything special but if you have five minutes to fill you could probably do worse.


Musekinin Galaxy Tylor

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A spin-off from the somewhat popular '90s show Irresponsible Captain Tylor. The Tylor of this show discovers a girl frozen in ice aboard a mysterious ship, but as you may have guessed all sorts of folk are after her because of the secret she carries...

Should I watch it? Well, the original show (which I don't believe ever made it to the UK) was pretty good fun with a bit of a Dirty Pair/Outlaw Star kind of feel to it, so I'm going to cautiously say that this one should be worth a gander, although the promotional artworks do have a worryingly kiddy look to them compared to the previous series.


Namaru Sanbatsu

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New student Shiki is invited to join the school quiz team, encountering some bizarre characters on his new journey to becoming a quiz champion.

Should I watch this? This show appears to be applying sports anime framework to what's essentially a quiz show and I'm all for that! It sounds great and the only real stumbling block here is going to be how the actual quiz elements are handled, as after all everyone knows the best bit of a quiz show is screaming the answers at the TV before to contestants can respond, and that could prove a little tricky here depending on how Japanese things get.


Netsuzou TRap

Official web site

Two childhood friends find their relationship moving to new levels after Hotaru begins to engage in a campaign to seduce Yuma despite both of them already having boyfriends.

Should I watch this? I've heard mixed things about the manga, but I'm all for supporting that most rare of beasts, the yuri anime. Bias aside, the story should be able to produce some great drama here and it looks set to be a little more mature than your standard romance fare which, after Scum's Wish, I'm absolutely on-board for.


New Game!!

Official web site

The second season of the fantastic New Game hits and the whole gang's back to put a new game into production!

Should I watch this? Well if you liked the first season... and if you haven't seen it jump onto Crunchyroll and catch-up so you can watch what is arguably the season's most anticipated show. Season one might not have been the Shirobako for games that we'd all hoped for, but boy did it prove to be a fantastic show with great comedy and wonderful characters. In fact I may just go and watch it again now...


Nora to Ojo to Noraneko Heart

Official web site

An adaptation of a visual novel of the same name, centering on two adoptive siblings and a strange girl who declares herself to be a princess who can destroy all life.

Should I watch this? Wow, with all the light novel adaptations if feels like ages since we've seen a visual novel be adapted doesn't it? As to how it'll be? Well, my gut instinct is that it will be a bit all over the place like similar adaptations have always been, and it'll need to be heavily neutered for a TV broadcast to have much impact. But who knows, maybe there'll be something there?


Owarimonogatari (2017)

Official web site

Aaragi and company  return for more Monogatari goodness, this time adapting the third Owarimonogatari light novel.

Should I watch this? Well, by this point the franchise is so well-entrenched that if you are on-board for this you'll know it. New viewers are almost certainly going to be lost at sea should they try and jump in at this stage, but more of one of UK Anime's favorite franchises is definitely a good thing (unless like our editor-in-chief it means spending another few hundred on Limited Edition Blu-ray sets because you're too far in to stop!)


Princess Principal

Official web site

In an alternate reality 19th century London, five young girls act as spies watching over the residents of a city split into two factions by a large wall.

Should I watch it? Well, if the series itself can continue with as much style and intruige as its trailer and premise present then absolutely! This looks like it could be a lot of fun to watch this season.


RoboMaster the Animated Series

Official web site

An anime based on the real-life world student robotics competition.

Should I watch it? Well, the real life competition always yields some fun and interesting results so this series could well do the same depending on how it chooses to balance the robot competition element with whatever dramatic aspects it chooses to incorporate for its characters. Should be a solid show to watch.


Saiyuki Reload Blast

Official web site

The gang arrive for an adventure in India in the fourth series based on the popular manga.

Should I watch this? Well, with over 60 episodes, films and OVAs under its belt the audience for this is pretty much locked in, but I'm never one to waste the opportunity to use my favorite stamp so - if you liked the first series you'll like this!

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