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February figure focus with E2046

It's another figure focus featuring Gathering's kits from E2046. This month the characters hail from games, light novels and anime. One of which is downright disturbing!

UK Anime Network podcast - Series 2 Episode 2

For our second podcast of 2012, we discuss some of the latest news and invite host of anime radio show Neko Desu, Peter Shillito, into the studio!

January Figure Focus with E2046

We're back with E2046 as we take our first dive into the world of anime figures in 2012!

UK Anime Network podcast - Series 2 Episode 1

The UK Anime Network podcast is back with a new look for 2012! For this first episode, Elliot Page is joined by Andy Hanley to talk about the latest news and releases.

December Figure Focus with E2046

Looking for something to spend your post-Christmas cash on? Or just like drooling over awesome figures? This is the article for you...

Winter 2012 anime preview

The new year brings with it a new stack of anime to be broadcast in Japan - what's likely to be hot for the winter 2012 anime season?

The 2011 UK Anime Network Awards

With the year drawing to a close, it's time to take a look back at the releases which made 2011 what it was. Who are the big winners in our 2011 UK Anime Network awards?

The Crystal Ball - 2012 Anime Preview

Next year is looking all set to be another big (and expensive!) one for anime fans here in the UK - so what new shows and movies can we look forward to over the course of 2012?

The Crystal Ball - 2012 Manga Preview

Should you consider asking Santa for some new bookshelves to take the weight of all the manga that will be tempting you next year? We look into our crystal ball at what you'll have to look forward to in 2012.

London Calling - Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011

In a year that has seen her star shine ever brighter, Miku Hatsune and her Vocaloid counterparts finally made it to London for not one but two concert screenings. Andy Hanley describes the festivities.

November Figure Focus with E2046

Another look at the latest cool figures from the Gathering team at E2046.

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