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Win Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis

Manga Entertainment's 20th Anniversary Party

At 20 years Manga Entertainment is now the grand old man of the western anime industry, but it threw a big birthday bash to prove to the world that it's still very much with-it and leading anime fans to another decade of excitement, adventure, and shining discs. Robert Frazer was on hand to soak up the vibe.

Lost My Music II - More anime music on iTunes UK

After the popularity of our first article looking at what anime music is available to UK fans via iTunes, here's a second selection of great tunes available to find and buy online!

Summer 2011 anime preview

Cancel that barbecue and forget the beach - it's new anime season time again! We guide you through what's likely to be hot and what's not in Japan this summer.

UK Anime Network podcast 10 - June 2nd 2011

For our latest UK Anime Network podcast, Andy is joined by editor-in-chief Ross Liversidge to discuss the recent May 2011 MCM London Expo.

Yu-Gi-Oh 3D: Bonds Beyond Time preview report

Yu-Gi-Oh 3D: Bonds Beyond Time is currently on release in UK cinemas - as Robert Frazer recounts his experience of a special preview event showcasing the movie, it's well worth taking the time to catch it now!

Avoid the Royal Wedding by watching romance anime

Fed up of hearing about the Royal Wedding? We point out ten romance-driven anime series that are far better than watching a procession of posh people in silly hats.

UK Anime Network podcast 09 - April 21st 2011

After an enforced one month break (yes, we broke the recording), the UK Anime Network podcast returns to discuss the Spring 2011 anime season with special guest Matt Kamen.

Vocaloid in the UK

Given the rising popularity and increasing visibility of Vocaloid music, we look at ways for you to get your hands (or rather, ears) on some awesome tunes!

Nintendo's 3DS hits the UK

With the Nintendo 3DS' launch today, we talk a look at what the new console holds for anime fans.

Mamoru Hosoda - The Wizard of OZ

With the impending release of Summer Wars in the UK, we explore the career and works of its mastermind, director Mamoru Hosoda.

Spring 2011 anime preview

A new anime season in Japan is drawing closer by the day, and it's a bumper one this time around. We look at all of the new series making their debut this spring.

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