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Titans of animation - The WIT Studio interview
WIT Studio interview
posted by Andy Hanley
on 29 Oct 2013

At this October's MCM London Comic Con, we were lucky enough to sit down to talk to three of the leading lights of WIT Studio, creators of the Attack on Titan anime adaptation!
Evangelion and Japanese Swords - Osaka 2013
Evangelion and Swords
posted by Dan Rhodes
on 08 Oct 2013

Take a trip around the Evangelion and Japanese Swords exhibition at the Osaka Museum of History. Evangelion and swords, what more could you want?
Samurai Flamenco and a history of Takahiro Omori
Takahiro Omori
posted by Andy Hanley
on 05 Oct 2013

As Anime Limited reveal their first simulcasting venture, we take a brief look at the work and career of the director at the helm of Samurai Flamenco.
UK Anime Network podcast - Series 2 Episode 20
Late summer anime chat
posted by Elliot Page
on 25 Sep 2013

Elliot and Andy wrap up their summer season thoughts, ponder the forthcoming autumn anime season and answer your questions in this month's podcast.
Autumn 2013 anime preview
Autumn 2013 anime preview
posted by Andy Hanley
on 11 Sep 2013

You want new anime to watch? How about over 40 new series to choose from? Welcome to the autumn 2013 season, and as always we guide you through what's on its way.
UK Anime Network podcast LIVE - Ayacon 2013
Ayacon 2013 live podcast
posted by Elliot Page
on 20 Aug 2013

We celebrated the last ever Ayacon with a podcast streamed and performed live at the event - join Elliot, Andy, Dan, Seb and special guest Jeremy Graves for 90 minutes of banter in front of a live audience.
Under the Covers: Cowboy Bebop Part 1 (Blu-Ray)
Cowboy Bebop Blu-Ray
posted by Andy Hanley
on 29 Jul 2013

Anime Limited's first ever release arrives today, and it's a big one! We take a look at this first half of Cowboy Bebop on Blu-Ray.
Getting to know Cardfight!! Vanguard
Cardfight!! Vanguard
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 22 Jul 2013

Ross, Seb and a select crew of UKA regulars spend the day card-fighting - will anyone emerge triumphant?
UK Anime Network podcast - Series 2 Episode 18
Summer season banter
posted by Elliot Page
on 16 Jul 2013

With a new anime season underway, there's no shortage of topics for discussion in our latest podcast!
Inside Japan Expo - Paris 2013
Japan Expo - Paris 2013
posted by Seb Reid
on 12 Jul 2013

Two like-minded individuals undertake a pilgrimage to the holy grail of Japanese culture, anime merchandise, cosplay, gaming and music. They offer their opinions on the expo, as well as an overview of the goings-on during the largest anime expo in Europe.
London Anime Con Q and A
posted by Ross Liversidge
on 11 Jul 2013

We speak to Michael Towers over at LAC HQ to see what's brewing on the 20th-21st July.
Summer 2013 anime preview
Summer 2013 anime preview
posted by Andy Hanley
on 18 Jun 2013

Another season of new anime is almost upon us - Andy drops the sun tan lotion to guide us through what to expect out of Japan this summer.