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UKA Release Calendar

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Plug and Play: Valkyria Chronicles (PC)

This much-loved strategy RPG for the PlayStation 3 makes a surprise leap to the PC - is SEGA's PC port, available on Steam, a Beetle-tastic experience?

Weekly merchandise / figure round-up (09/11/2014)

Do we have any spooky merchandise for you in this Halloween anime merchandise round-up?

Under the Covers: Time of Eve: The Movie

Are you enjoying the Time of Eve? Well, you should be, and now everybody can with this edition of the film on Blu-ray available on general sale online.

Under the Covers: HAL Limited Edition

HAL may not have the sentient AI from 2001: A Space Odyssey in it, but it does have a giraffe. We like giraffes.

A dandy guy in London - Shinichiro Watanabe

Fresh from his work on Space Dandy and Terror in Resonance, famed anime director Shinichiro Watanabe was in London for the MCM Comic Con to talk about his recent efforts, and we were lucky enough to spend some time with him.

Under the Covers: Kill la Kill - Part 1

Kill la Kill is one of anime's hottest properties right now, but is the first volume of this UK Blu-ray release to die for?

Weekly merchandise / figure round-up (27/10/2014)

Another week, another batch of new merchandise!

Under the Covers: Gurren Lagann Ultimate Edition

After a number of delays, the Ultimate Edition of GAINAX's modern classic Gurren Lagann has arrived on Blu-ray. Can it live up to its name, or will it become unstuck?

Weekly merchandise / figure round-up (10/10/2014)

Another week's worth of hot new merch!

Touching the Skin of Hoshi Ishida

Hoshi Ishida has had quite a long and varied career despite still being relatively young. As his latest short film makes its UK premiere at Raindance (playing back to back with the upcoming Third Window Films release Lust of Angels) we sat down with him for a chat about the film as well as his career to date.

UK Anime Network podcast - September 2014

With the summer season at an end, we round up our thoughts on everything the past few months of new anime have had to offer.

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