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UKA Release Calendar

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Under the Covers: Kill la Kill - Part 2

We were going to get naked in celebration of the release of the Collector's Edition of Kill la Kill's second UK volume, but we figured that might not go down so well and so have chosen to keep all our clothing firmly in place to check out this release.

The Viewster interview

Viewster are a new kid on the block of anime simulcasting, but how did they come to pay so much attention to our little corner of the Internet and how is it faring for them? We talk with the company's marketing specialist, Casper Mejlholm.

UK Anime Network podcast - February 2015

It's podcast time once again, and this month we tackle questions and topics chosen by our readers and listeners.

The Animatsu Entertainment interview

They're the new kid on the anime distribution block, but at the same time they've been around for what seems like forever - we quiz Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson on their new venture, Animatsu Entertainment.

UK Anime Network podcast - January 2015

The winter 2015 anime season is upon us and Andy and Elliot are joined by Dan Barnett, risking a full-blown Kuma Shock to put all and sundry from the new season's shows under the spotlight.

Under the Covers: Blood Lad Collector's Edition

The anime adaptation of this hot manga series has arrived in Collector's Edition form - we delve into the blood and guts of this premium release from Anime Limited.

The World of Tetsuya Nakashima

With his latest film The World of Kanako premiering at this year's BFI London Film Festival, we sat down with Confessions director Tetsuya Nakashima for a conversation about his career to date.

Plug and Play: Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle

He may not be an expert Rinshan Kaihou user, and he barely knows his tenpai from his senpai or his tsumo from his sumo, but Andy nonetheless foists himself upon the world of sexy anime girls playing mahjong. And who is this "Ron" fella, anyway?

Mizuho Nishikubo interview

Back in October during Scotland Loves Anime, we caught up with the director Mizuho Nishikubo - now, on the cusp of the home video release of his film Giovanni's Island, you can read our chat with him.

Under the Covers: Giovanni's Island

Another Ultimate Edition from Anime Limited is almost upon us, and we take this premium edition of Giovanni's Island fresh from our doorstep to take a look at its innards.

Under the Covers: Bubblegum Crisis

The only crisis our copy of this Kickstarter-funded Blu-ray release suffered was the Christmas post, but now we can take a look at what the basic edition of Animeigo's Blu-ray remaster of this classic OVA has to offer.

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