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Happy Mania Vol. 1

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Happy Mania Vol. 1

Moyoco Anno
$9.99 (£6.50-£6.99)

Well, to be honest I didn't quite know what I was expecting from this one, but I wanted a romantic comedy to tide me through the release gap in Hot Gimmick, and at £2.99 on sale per volume who can complain? And its really hard to complain too much with the book itself, at least at that price, its excellent.

However, while £2.99 is a bargain, the standard price of £6.50 means it needs a closer look. On the back it describes itself as themanga equivalent of Bridget Jones, and to be honest nothing sums it up better, in fact, not much else can really sum it up. See, if you've ever seen one of the two above-average Bridget Jones movies you'll know how sharp the humouris, but how easily it can become repetitive. 

Although Happy Mania has a decent story with a competent author, the whole thing is far too much like Bridget Jones. The lead has much the same issues as she triesto find a boyfriend whilst enduring embarrassments, mistakes and a series of accidents.

However, the art is simple and easy to follow, the characters are well rounded and emotions are conveyed well, which is essential in a story like this. Basically, this is a decent rom-com manga.

However, it can be hard to get past the slightly gratuitous sex scenes, which aren't particularly long or graphic if you've been through sex education, they're just a tad too common. The other "naughty bits" (swearing etc) are all handled very well in comparison - there are no holds barred on the swearing and it seems exactly what someone might say in eachsituation (rather than "oh no" or "%$&^ &$%£ **** @^$* off!" as many manga do).

What manga have you been reading? - Ed

Overall this is a decent purchase and will keep you amused while you're reading it. For £2.99 it's an essential purchase, but if you're looking at the full price, then there are other series that do the same thing, only better.

Not brilliant, classic or essential but fun and interesting.
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