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    Last Game you played

    LOL and all Mario games
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    What's your other hobbies?

    cool, my main hobby right now is webcam live chat. Esp i like teen chat here where I can discuss hot topics with young 18+ girls. I met new friends there and with one girl I'm going to meet in person soon. She's amazing and I really like her.
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    What's your other hobbies?

    Let's discuss new hobbies. How do you like to spend your free time?
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    Last Game you played

    GTA 5 is stil one of my favorite games, also I play Clash of Clans a lot. I can unblock all games with vpn. Plus it helps me to bypass all restrictions and protect my data fro online snoopers. That's convy.
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    Favourite film of 2019

    These are my favorite films of 2019 10. Booksmart 9. Midsommar 8. The Irishman 7. Jojo Rabbit 6. Joker 5. Toy Story 4 4. Once upon a time in Hollywood 3. Marriage story 2. Us 1. Avengers Endgame Hm: Knives out, uncut gems, El Camino a breaking bad movie, the lighthouse, parasite, doctor sleep.
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    Anyone watch Korean or Japanese TV shows?

    I like these shows: Prison Playbook. Padam Padam. Master's Son. Just Between Lovers. Signal. Hogu's Love. Mother.