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    Let's talk about....random things

    Wow. Very happy to hear your news! I hope that the transition at work smooths out and that you are able to become happier with the new you. Welcome aboard Lillian! 😁
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    Let's talk about....random things

    I have this week discovered that I can watch subbed anime while doing 3D Modelling and Hydraulic design. I am finally getting to attack my backlog of shows. Nekopara done. Reincarnated as a Slime almost done :D
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    Backlog anime to watch during Lockdown

    Finished Nekopara, looking to watch Violent Evergarden movie, and then probably some dubbed anime so I can work at the same time. Probably some old favourites like Tenchi Muyo :)
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    Mizuki 2020

    Y'know, I was refreshing the main page for bloody ages, and only now, literally now, have I realised that she is loaded on the forum, staring at me should I make the page bigger. I am a fucking idiot sometimes.
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    CV19 and Working from Home

    First time in a long time I have had a bit of time! So, what are we all doing now we are on enforced lockdown? I am camped in the kitchen, multi-monitoring it while Becky takes my office. She has the joy of being surrounded by anime titties and paraphernalia :D
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    My latest blog post - on collecting

    Its such a beautiful collection you have. I do lust after your pens but have had to curtail spending and collecting again. Collecting is a strange hobby. Do you ever find the urge wanes?
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    Last Game you played

    I keep trying to sneak some time to play Transport Fever 2. Transport and indirect city building sim and quite frankly, its like crack. <3
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    Let's talk about....random things

    I thought about this same idea many a time, until I realised that: No bloody smart watches are made without nickel The battery life is shit and they need recharging They don't look as good as my Citizen Titanium Ecodrive I don't want to know if I am moving enough. I am a structural and civil...
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    Robert88UK here

    Ello Rob :)
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    What are your favourite 10 anime??

    Top of my Head List... Cat Planet Cuties (Asobi ni iku yo) Tenchi Muyo (OVA) Spice and Wolf Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Macross Frontier / Macross Plus / Macross Delta (In that order) Highschool DxD Monogatari Series Valkyria Chronicles Witchblade Gate Bubblegum Crisis
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    What are your favourite 10 manga??

    Its really rather fun and, not too spidery :D
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    UKA Little New Arrival

    And a Transformers fan...
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    Welcome back Matt :D
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    What are your favourite 10 manga??

    School Live! - bought this online and finally finished it at the weekend. What an ending! flying Witch - Utterly beautiful and fun. The anime really did it justice. The Spider Reincarnation Manga whose name escapes me - My guilty pleasure, but I love how she solves problems :D
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    Last Game you played

    That just sounds wrong...