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  1. Acteon

    Sony negotiating to buy Crunchyroll for $1 billion So it looks like Sony will be the one to rule them all. Dunno how to feel about this one really - on the one hand I'll likely only need one anime-service subscription (and Funimation is installed on my HDTV, unlike CR...
  2. Acteon

    Recently Watched Anime

    I'm hoping the apparent success of the film/series gets the manga published in the West. I'm pretty sure Viz will be eying it up.
  3. Acteon

    Pay only postage Manga sale

    The library runneth over, so if anybody wants any of the books below, all I'm looking for is the cost of postage. Elephantmen is signed.
  4. Acteon

    Show us your toys thread

    Review coming this week...
  5. Acteon

    Recently Watched Anime

    How are you finding Burn the Witch? I feel I should like it more than I do.
  6. Acteon


    Thanks - what are you into these days?
  7. Acteon


    No shame in hentai if that's your thing, but glad to have you on the forums - hopefully the place will get a little busier now I've finished refurbing it!
  8. Acteon

    Next-Gen consoles

    I picked up the PS5 from Shopto, but I registered my interest months ago - all I had to do was confirm it. For me it had to be disc version, as I collect films on 4K disc and this will allow me to remove a box from under the TV. I still have a lot of PS4 games to play like Final Fantasy...
  9. Acteon

    Show us your toys thread

    Just got my Scourge...
  10. Acteon

    Historic UK/Japan trade deal Given how hard it is to get a work visa in Japan, this is quite incredible. Were I not currently raising a very young daughter I'd be seriously tempted to start looking at opportunities in Japan!
  11. Acteon

    Rahul Sharma in Manchester, UK

    Hi Rahul, welcome to the form - quite a few of us up North. I also run a business, so hope you're doing well in the current situation :) Any particular anime or manga you're into? :)
  12. Acteon

    Let's talk about....random things

    I don't even know where I could watch Tom and Jerry these days, is it on a streaming service? Makes me nostalgic... Today has been very random, but a G1 Transformer Astrotrain reissue arrived and it made everything brighter :p
  13. Acteon

    YouTube thread 2.0

    Kinda had to :)
  14. Acteon

    Amazon Deletes Light Novels's_Removal_of_Light_Novels Luther Dickson discusses the current state of affairs at Amazon and their actions deleting Light Novels from their digital service. What do you make of this new wave of censorship?
  15. Acteon

    Show us your toys thread

    Holo from Spice & Wolf:
  16. Acteon

    Let's talk about....random things

    Christ, they should just do away with twitter. I rarely engage on it, just tweet out updates. I'm sure people who don't like me have scraped every social media outlet looking for stuff to be outraged over, thank God I'm old and out of touch :p Hopefully you'll get through your work issues, if...
  17. Acteon

    Show us your toys thread

    A few from the photobooth:
  18. Acteon

    Last Game you played

    Bioshock 2 is okay, not as good as 1 but it is an excuse to revisit Rapture, so I liked that about it. I've got 3 copies of teh game (the remaster for PS4 is still in the shrink-wrap) but I've always wanted the game on handheld for some reason, so bit at the first title - I'll pick up the other...
  19. Acteon

    Let's talk about....random things

    Well firstly, good luck :) I deal with a trans couple semi-regularly and they're both lovely people (albeit very shy). They run a model shop near me and gave me some excellent advice on airbrushing that got us talking. We had a trans writer on UKA around 20 years ago, so while I can't say I'm...
  20. Acteon

    Playstation 5 Launch

    Our thoughts on the Playstation 5 launch:'s_Playstation_5_Launch Mind blowing showcase or damp squib?