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  1. Emmental Sloth

    High Guardian Spice Trailer

    Looks like Cal Arts Little Witch Acadamia. So noooooo...
  2. Emmental Sloth

    Last Game you played

    I have been playing Velocity x2 on Vita. It's actually quite a good little title and cool to have the PSV cranked up again. Oh, and started Link Between Worlds on 3DS too. Kinda got halfway through and then stopped playin it.
  3. Emmental Sloth

    Macross is released, what should come first?

    Gonna say Frontier for the music - plus best story overall imo
  4. Emmental Sloth

    Comic book and manga industry in the UK

    Filled it in - good luck with your work on Harlock!
  5. Emmental Sloth

    Sonic the Hedgehog review

    Isn't it so odd that the last big Hollywood smash was a Sonic movie? :p Still, I really liked it, hope a sequel comes out.
  6. Emmental Sloth

    Amazon Deletes Light Novels

    I suppose what is worrying is how they don't provide a reason or feedback. They can sell what they want but it does feel like they are doing what they want without any reason. Who is deciding what is appropriate? Creepy.
  7. Emmental Sloth

    Let's talk about....random things

    I guess we should say "welcome Lillian" :)
  8. Emmental Sloth

    Show us your toys thread

    I will be coming over to your office to play with your planet. In a socially responsible way of course. Please wipe it down so I can steal/play with it safely!
  9. Emmental Sloth

    My latest blog post - on collecting

    That's a great article - I'm definitely in the first camp with little to no self control, though mostly on anime cels. Hobbies are expensive :(
  10. Emmental Sloth

    Transformers War for Cybertron trailer lands

    It better be! Though all the character models look perhaps a little too much like the toys, hopefully they can emote ok.
  11. Emmental Sloth

    Combatants Will Be Dispatched

    Read it and liked it. Better than The Dungeon of Black Company.
  12. Emmental Sloth

    Transformers Masterpiece Arcee

    Hm, not sure I like it. Just like most Takara bots lately, it only looks good from some angles. Wallet stays in my slothy pocket for now...
  13. Emmental Sloth

    What are your favourite 10 anime??

    Hm. *Puts on sloth thinking cap* Comic Party Bleach (series one anyway) Lodoss War (OAV & TV) Macross Frontier Guilty Crown Guyver TV Berserk (steelbook incoming, yummy!) Fruits Basket (original) Nadesico Ulysses 31
  14. Emmental Sloth

    Show us your toys thread

    True, mostly I see them at conventions, and prices can get a bit silly. Some of them I'm tempted by but never pull the trigger on, because I just don't have anywhere left to put them. Need a cull.
  15. Emmental Sloth

    One Piece Live Action series coming to Netflix

    I haven't forgiven them for Death Note yet...
  16. Emmental Sloth

    UK Toy Fair

    Hit up the Hasbro stand for robit pics please!
  17. Emmental Sloth

    Let's talk about....random things

    @Weirdo Sounds rough, hope you have a better week this week :)
  18. Emmental Sloth

    One Punch Man Season 1

    The most disturbing thing about that show was Mosquito girl - hardest cosplay ever? Total nightmare fuel either way. Yuck. @dawfydd Who was your favourite character?
  19. Emmental Sloth

    YouTube thread 2.0

    How's this? :)
  20. Emmental Sloth

    Show us your toys thread

    Show off your latest purchase in here :) I grabbed the Kotobukiya Domino, and these figures are a bit addictive. Kinda want Scarlett now, I think I'm going to need a second job lol...