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Discussion in 'Other media' started by Manning, Nov 13, 2016.

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    You know what, I thought it looks OK for what it is, trying to keep an open mind. We all know what they could and perhaps should have done with casting choices, but more than willing to give this a chance, based on this trailer, at the very least it can be a decent sci-fi action film.

    It looked very GITS'y to me, rather looking forward to it.
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    It wasn't very good, just watch the anime and you'll enjoy yourself more. I loved Beat Takeshi as Aramaki but Scarlett as the Major did very little for me (which is a shame, as I like most of her work).
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    I disagree. I thought it was rather good. Not perfect and a little watered down, but it was done very well with lots of small nods to the original, plus some of the scenes entirely recreated, but well fitted in to the new script.
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    I enjoyed it, both big screen and small (courtesy of the blu-ray bought at the weekend)

    I wasn't expecting a slavish copy of the anime, but an interpretation.

    It ticked pretty much all the boxes for me, from the Bladerunner-esque setting, the nods to the original and the additional; story elements which added to the whole.
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    Holy resurrection batman! and get ready for an Eros style essay! beep beep!

    Yeah couple 3 years late to this, but yeah i thought the LA GitS was really quite good. You should bear in mind that my first introduction to the universe is via the original 1989 Manga.

    When i watched the original Anime I must admit I was kind of disappointed, it turned what was a dark, yet colourful take on a cyberpunk style future with plenty of really awesome thought provoking concepts, into a 90ish minute grey, slightly depressing teen brooding mishmash of parts of the manga. It was OK, but it wasn't great. I sort of feel about it the same way as I did when people told me I had to see Akira because its the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was... wait... what is the fuss about? (in the case of Akira, the animation is beautiful, but the story was clearly unfinished at the time it was made and the latter story telling was poorly executed. IMO. Love it still though)

    The TV series of GitS was more in spirit with the Manga, although still mostly featured a major who was clearly set in the Bad ass only mode, which worked, but its not the same major really who was in the Manga. Gits2 Innocence most people forget about because the major wasn't really in it that much, in true spirit though, it did better with the concepts of the Manga than the original movie did.

    SO from here you can see that GitS is a elaborate and expansive toy you can almost do what you want with because of how rich and flexible the grounding is.

    I thought the movie was pretty good, its definitely a good Live Action take on the universe. From the awkward and yet seamless blend between natural and digital, dark cyber punk and blade runner environment, to a character that can appear to be completely unstoppable despite more often than not, feeling disconnected from the world in which everything is intimately connected.

    People can feel however they like about the movie, although more often than not, the criticism iv seen levied at it, appears to stem largely from people who were set on the idea that... GitS is basically stand alone complex and the first movie.

    I mean god, in the Manga, back in the 90s there were long discussions asking if the Major was even a woman, and that her nationality is probably very actually unknown... the reason? Well because there are several parts in which she behaves entirely as though she might be a man, and she has no backstory, except that she has been a 99% cyborg for a very long time and is considered a expert user of cyber bodies. Yes in the Manga there are jokes made by the crew that her brain is noisy because she might be on her period... childish har har... but its not a serious statement.

    I also kind of get that people wanted a more Japanese cast, I understand that, and sort of wished it was the case also... though the physical appearance of the Major in the movie is nearly perfect, as is Batou. His physical appearance is that he has always been a heavy 'brick shit house' of a cyborg. Not to say no one who is Japanese could fit that perfectly but in all renditions, he is a tall, blond/light brown haired, broad shouldered behemoth. In the original movie, the market scene demonstrates just how tall he is, is is basically head and shoulders above everyone. In the manga and the original movie, much like the major he is also a full cyborg, meaning his nationality is kind of irrelevant to his physical appearance. That doesn't really justify it, but in todays world they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. The stereotype today, in the west, and in Japan is that westerners are tall, japanese are small... even if that is becoming less true, it is something that people default to in their minds, so Him cast as a westerner brick shit house... fits

    How many people would complain if they cast a short but stocky guy for the role? Everyone probably...

    They did what they did and in truth the major players were cast very well in my opinion. Heck, most of them were background anyway.

    I think its box office sort of slump was because of us... Anime and Manga fans going through the same as the American comic book fans did when the first round of new adaptations came about in the late 90s and early 2000s with things like Xmen, spider man etc. Because we are so used to seeing LA adaptations be terrible, everyone jumped on the negative toxic band wagon because, hey, its popular to be a miserable, entitled twat these days. People did half listen to us moaning and saying "its crap" based on the 30 second trailers we saw, rather than sitting down and realizing that.... Ghost in the Shell, is a universe that has already had 3 different renditions of the characters with very different storylines... so... why not add a 4th? Its hardly the crime of the century.

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