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Chrono Crusade Vol. 7
Author: Ross Liversidge

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Chrono Crusade Vol. 7

ADV Films
Things were never going to end well. With the Rosette in the villainous Aion's thrall, our gang of heroes have one last assault on the hellish minion. And in a battle against demons, few can survive...

These final 3 episodes pull no punches, and its anyone's guess who, if any, will survive. And the answer might surprise you.

It's curiously touching too. Often in anime, characters are killed off in seemingly random fashion (a crime for which Gundam Seed is readily accountable) but not here. Each sacrifice is given meaning, whetrher personal or for the greater good, and it really is quite affecting, especially the fate of both Chrono and Rosette.

Without giving too much away, the ending to Chrono Crusade is unusually downbeat. Whilst there is some hope for the future, evil lies in the hearts of men and can therefore resurface at the most unfortunate times.

So has the journey been worth it? I'd have to say yes - okay, so it's a tear-jerker, but then anime is nothing if not angsty. At least Chrono Crusade made you care, for 26 episodes of action, romance and intrigue. It's just a shame you have to say goodbye at the end of the adventure.

The extras fight on to the end too - the last of Azmaria's extra classes are included, as well as the usual character info sheets and those original openings.


Excellent if downbeat ending for a consistently enjoyable series
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