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Chrono Crusade Vol. 4-6
Author: Ross Liversidge

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Chrono Crusade Vol. 4-6

ADV Films
£19.99 each
With ADV back on track with review copies, we have a plethora of titles to catch up with. Of these, Chrono Crusade is by far the most anticipated.

With it’s fun, quirky characters and sharp, stylised looks, it’s a joy to watch. The Magdalene Order continues to fight against demonkind, but as I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, Chrono Crusade follows a similar path to Trigun – the lighter tone of the series has faded into darkness now that we’ve hit the halfway point, and now both Rosette and Chrono are thrust into a fight for the survival of the human race as Aion and his minions accelerate their plan to create hell on Earth.

The series has been consistent in developing the cast, with many twists and turns to keep you engaged. One of the quality controls I use with any series is in evaluating just how much you care about the characters, and through humour, pathos and tragedy, Chrono Crusade has never failed to maintain my interest. Sure, we’ve seen it all before, and the occasional 30’s slang term doesn’t really make the setting any more pivotal to the series than just an idealised aesthetic, but the sheer charm and warmth the series eminates just captures your heart and keeps you watching. When even the bad guys are sympathetic you know you’re on to a good thing.

Toward volume 6, the series loses a few key cast members, and although in some cases this was expected, it makes it no less emotional when the final curtain arrives for some of the characters. I won’t reveal the ins and outs, but suffice to say I’m affected enough to hope that Aion gets his ass kicked, and if you’re cheering on the good guys, then it’s getting the basics right!

Overall I’m still impressed with the series to date. It retains pace, charm and wit, and with no recap episodes in sight it scores major points in the light of other recent series. Proof that some studios have enough faith in us to keep up.

Extras include the usual profiles, sketches and the adorable Azmaria’s Extra Classes (pay attention at the back!)


Charming, witty and poignant in equal measures, it's a pleasure to watch.
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