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Chrono Crusade Vol. 2
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

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Chrono Crusade Vol. 2

Volume 2 of the series sees the action step up a notch, with new characters introduced and some fantastic battles fought for body and soul.

With Azmaria safely housed within the borders of the Magdeline mansion, Rosette is a little on edge, longing to find her brother and busting for some action - as she applies to join the militia, she's about to find a whole heap of it, and some of the danger is stored within the Magdeline grounds themselves!

The second episode introduces us to the fiery redheaded German witch Satella, also known as The Jewel Witch. As a bounty hunter, she has her own agenda and some seriously cool powers.

Chrono Crusade is building itself up very nicely indeed, repeating the Slayers trick of creating a great cast of central characters and pitting them against some equally cool baddies. Unlike Slayers, it tones down the comedy for those moments that require a little more depth, and as such the experience is just that little bit more rewarding.

The production values are, again, nothing spectacular, but remain appealing enough with the use of bright colours, clear lines and well directed action scenes.

The disc also boasts some fine extras - Azmaria's Extra Classes provide a very cute in-depth look at the world of Chrono Crusade, whilst the Chrono Chronicle works like a newspaper with funny articles on events in the series. There are also the usual clean opening and closing sequences, and an interesting look at the original opening animation, which seems to have been changed for the DVD release.


Thoughtful extras and excellent episodes make this disc excellent value.
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