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Selector Infected WIXOSS switched to Blu-ray only release, other dates updated

Selector Infected WIXOSS switched to Blu-ray only release, other dates updated

Posted 13/04/2017

Last night brought us a hot, freshly backed All the Anime Newswire, and as well as a reminder about Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry's UK theatrical plans and an update to the confusion surrounding the future of Shomin Sample's UK home video release, it also brought us some other pertinent news and date changes to discuss.

First up is the long-awaited release of Selector Infected WIXOSS' first season on home video - much like other recent titles, licensor requirements have led to this release being replanned as a Blu-ray only affair with no DVD component. This Collector's Edition remains on track for release on 15th May 2015 however, so hopefully that battle to get it released is now over.

Elsewhere, a delay to BBFC certification means that Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Part 2 has now slipped into May, with a new expected date for this Blu-ray release of Monday, 8th May.

The same day will also see Escaflowne's Standard Edition DVD release arrive, after delays brought about by a hold-up in the approvals process.

Finally, Tokyo Marble Chocolate has now passed BBFC certification, but a delay in disc manufacture means we'll now be seeing this film arrive on home video on Monday, 29th May.

Also confirmed for a May release is Persona 3 Movie #3: Falling Down, which is all set for a 22nd May release date. Incidentally, if you're currently struggling to pick up a copy of Persona 3 Movie #2: Midsummer Knight's Dream, then be aware than an audio issue on the film's 5.1 track has led to stock being recalled until a fixed version is available - you'll likely here more about this in due course.

You can find all of the Newswire details in full over at the All the Anime Blog.