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School Rumble 1-4
Ross Liversidge
Author: Ross Liversidge

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School Rumble 1-4

Jin Kobayashi

School Rumble is Jin Kobayashi's first manga, so no doubt the fact that it's also become an anime is as good an indication as we'll get that this is a great debut.

School Rumble is essentially a high school romantic comedy. Ditzy Tsukamoto Tenma is in love with dishy fellow student Karasuma Oji. He, of course, is oblivious to her desires, and at any rate is moving to America in 12 months time. And in the background is bizarre reprobate Harima Kenji who has fallen for Tenma, who in turn is ignorant of his somewhat moronic obsession. And so the love merry-go-round begins.

Whilst the formula is older than my Gran's socks, the attraction here is the sharp humour and bizarre antics of the central cast. The situations often take mundane everyday eventsand turn them into monumental trials for all involved, and that's the fun of the manga.

It also boasts an interesting and varied supporting cast, each with their own character "quirks" (Tenma's sister can read thoughts for example) which only add to the confusion, heartache and obsession that is teenage life.

There are shades of Kare Kano and Kimagure Orange Road here, but School Rumble manages to be different and wacky enough to hold its own. An ideal read for anyone who doesn't want anything too serious, School Rumble can sit happily on your bookshelf ready to entertain you at a moments notice.

Not massively original, but fun, quirky and light.
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