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    Toys / merch wanted

    Well I might be able to help you out with Naruto, I'll check the loft at the weekend ;)
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    Favourite film of 2019

    I'm glad they redesigned Sonic - looking forward to seeing Tails and Knuckles in the sequel. I'm honestly amazed it took them so long to go live-action with it.
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    Favourite film of 2019

    I think Sonic the Hedgehog was the last big cinema draw of 2020. You know, back when we had cinemas. What a note to end on! I did enjoy Jim Carrey, even if he was just playing his usual schtick in a new outfit, it was fun to watch.
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    Transformers Masterpiece Arcee

    Well, she's landed! Review coming soon.
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    What's your other hobbies?

    Lately I've been painting custom Transformer (or third party) robot parts and upgrading the figures. Here's an Earthrise Arcee with new backpack and painted ankles/feet: I also painted her back around the midriff and butt, since they were white and unpainted. Very annoying given that Elita 1...
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    Last Game you played

    I picked up Miles Morales for PS5, which was enjoyable, and now I'm making my way through the earlier Spider-Man remastered game. I think Morales was a tighter gaming experience, and I love New York in winter, but there's certainly a lot more meat to the original.
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    Interview with Ollie Barder

    Really pleased with this interview, Ollie was very accommodating and gave some fantastic answers to our questions:
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    Anyone watch Korean or Japanese TV shows?

    I've been watching Kingdom on Netflix, since the show is pretty good and I work with a Korean firm, so it helps my language skills. I'll try the two you've mentioned as well, thanks for that. Netflix has a good selection of Asian cinema, I'm halfway through Hot Gimmick now.
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    Need a little help for my thesis

    Done :)
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    Recently Watched Anime

    Started watching Great Pretender on the back of Tom's review. It really is quite excellent :)
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    New site design

    So, after a lot of faffing about, I finally redesigned the site. We're 25 years old next year, so I wanted something a bit more contemporary (it was fun going through the Wayback machine to see how it's changed over the years too!) If anybody has feedback, comments, hate mail... just post it...
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    Pay only postage Manga sale

    Okay, coming your way this week - I'll send them out and you can send me the postage once I know what it is :) Nagaroro I stupidly ordered twice. What a muppet.
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    Last Game you played

    Clea - and you can read the review here:
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    Sony negotiating to buy Crunchyroll for $1 billion

    A lot of MVM's major franchises (including Fate and the Monogatari series) are Sony-owned properties, so I can absolutely see the room for competition dwindling if those return to the Sony mothership. Looking into my crystal ball, I'd say MVM possibly has a finite lifespan anyway, it'll all...
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    Sony negotiating to buy Crunchyroll for $1 billion So it looks like Sony will be the one to rule them all. Dunno how to feel about this one really - on the one hand I'll likely only need one anime-service subscription (and Funimation is installed on my HDTV, unlike CR...