Seven seas launch adult manga arm

Discussion in 'News' started by megalomaniac, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Interesting that they're starting off with World's End Harem, I've read a few scanlations of it and it truly is a sight to behold, it's more fascinating than it is erotic. It's the harem genre distilled down to its purest essence. You've probably shaken your head at a hundred anime protagonists who are denser than a neutron star in being ignorant of the girls' affections towards him to a level of almost monkish celibacy, and World's End Harem takes it to the absolute farthest extreme it can possibly go. The hero has a literal queue of buxom lasses outright begging for sex not just to satisfy base desires but for the essential cause of saving the world from extinction and he's still a stammering horrified milquetoast unwilling shrinking violet. The harem genre is now complete - there is nowhere else to go and no other stories to tell.

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