Last Impression English cover (Gundam Wing Endless Waltz ending (By Akemi + produced by myself)

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    Here's Akemi English cover of Last Impression, the ending theme of Gundam Wing Endless Waltz film and produced by myself.

    Viewable via:

    This was used in the OVA film version that was released in 1998 which replaced the 1st ending White Reflection and was well known for its scene during when Wing Gundam Zero Custom was first launched.

    Version I produced is the radio edit edition which excludes beginning piano instrumental, first few verses and ending piano instrumental and decided this mainly for time and production constraints.

    Also got permission to use UbersCosplay and Saya Rin for their Wing Zero Custom cosplays which I am grateful for. Also got Akemi for vocals, Caroline Gordon for mix and AntasticTunes for English lyrics.

    Comments and feedback are welcome. If you like it then feel free to support myself and people involved.


    Vocals: Akemi -
    Audio Mixing: Caroline Gordon -
    Lyrics: AntasticTunes -

    Wing Gundam Zero Custom Cosplay: UbersCosplay - http//
    Photographer: ngilgor -
    Photo edit: tofughost -

    MS Girl Wing Gundam Zero Custom Cosplay: Saya Rin -
    Photographer and photo edit: Team Zeal -

    Producer - mynameissport (AJ) -

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