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TOY/FIGURE REVIEW: Disgaea Etna Max Factory Model

I debated for ages about this, staring at it intently on Ebay for a good week before committing to buy it. There was nothing wrong with the figure, but over £50 (including postage) is a lot of money for a plastic figure I'd only seen a photograph of.

I was pushed over the edge by a number of things - firstly, it's the best damn figure of Etna I've clapped eyes on, and there are a few of them out there, most of them much cheaper than this.

Secondly, despite Gashapons and artbooks competing for my wallet, this was a Max Factory figure, and they are very, very good at these things.

So I bought it. And it was worth the money.

Etna is a beautiful character design, and I love the Disgaea aesthetic. In 1/7 scale the figure has enough detail to be worth staring at, but is still small enough to fit on a shelf.

The figure is made of PVC, and out of the box all you need to apply are the wings and the tail, both of which are painted with a pearlescent effect (though it's just clever painting, not the real thing). The flesh tones on her body have been carefully painted for definition, and the dark purple leather has a gloss effect that really stands out from the matt of her hair and skin. Such detail has gone into this figure that I'd go as far as to call it model-grade. I have a few professionally created models, and this can stand next to any of them without a problem, and that's high praise indeed.

The sculpt is great too - all her loopy bangles, leather belts and even her hair are amazingly realised, and backed up with real quality control. If there's a blemish on this figure, I've yet to find it.

If I was being incredibly picky, I'd say that the expression on her face isn't as impish as I'd have liked - Etna has some great poses in the games, and it would have been nice to have seen one recreated, but here she seems almost innocent, and that's really not in keeping with the character. Perhaps her angelic buddy Fionne is having an affect on her (pesky angels!)

Like any figure, the cost will only be worth it if you really care about the character, and even then, how much. As I've said, there are other Etna figures out there that don't look as good but cost half the money. For me, Etna is a great character and one I'm happy to pay a little extra for to get a premium edition - there's just something cool about a fiery demon babe with evil on her mind ^^

For Etna fans, this is THE figure to get. But still an expensive buy.
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Disgaea Etna Max Factory Model

Price: £44.99

Max Factory

Ross Liversidge

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