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Cat Lap Milk - Native (18 PLUS)
Jenny Draper

Author: Jenny Draper

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Cat Lap Milk - Native (18 PLUS)

Cat Lap Milk is an original character from Native, she is of 1/7 scale and absolutely stunning.  She comes with a pretty stylish see-through base which can be a pedestal if you insert the metal pegs. The base also has a panel which can be removed to fit her non squished breasts through.

The figure's sculpt is fantastic and her pose is super sexy and alluring. Her squished breasts are lovely and look naturally big and plump - don't you just want to squeeze them?! Her nipples pressed against the base react regularly and even have a slight inverted appearance about them. Cat Lap Milk's regular breasts are beautiful, the way they squish together is hot. Her cleavage has an invited deep cleft but it would be great to have the natural through gap at the top. She has super-sexy erect nipples and small dimple detail in the centre of each. Her clavicle has a good shape which adds to her sexiness but without the collar a seam between her neck and head is too obvious; it generally looks odd too.

The outfit Cat Lap Milk is wearing is a stylish maid dress with nekomimi. It's very cute at the same time as being alluring. The crinkle detailing in the skirt is wonderful, you can clearly tell she has a pure petticoat underneath. It has some great gather detailing as it falls onto the base and the apron's frills are pretty. The tie at the back is superb and although it doesn't have proper loops, the bow is impressively natural. Her waist coat at the back has a fashionable V-shape showing off her small waist. The creasing is great and even the front continues the same level of detail. The straps appear a little flat towards the connecting seam but otherwise look good. Her side boob is pressing against the straps to escape and fall between, it's very sensual.

Cat Lap Milk's panties are stiff and ridged; very breakable but they look great and snap into place without causing any transfer. She even comes with a spare pair just in case one breaks. Her special place and bottom has very well done detailing, it's really anatomically correct. It's a cute shape and the sweet oval around is certainly arousing. Without her panties you can also see her charming tummy and belly button just peeking out from under her dress. She has a gorgeous body - her thighs have a pleasing size and her tiny waist is alluring with her beautifully big bosom. Her hands are little messy in places but they're great with individually sculpted fingers and cute fingertip detail. A line down the centre of her back can be seen and her arms are cute: Cat Lap Milk is a very attractive nekomimi maid! 

All the little outfit accessories are toppings to this package - her cuffs are super-cute but unfortunately her right hand has a seam line running along it and the cuff. The upper arm bands have pleasant ruffle details and the collar at her neck is cute with a proper looking bow. Cat Lap Milk has great choice in shoes, they look fantastic with her thigh-highs. Her kitty tail is impressive as it connects via a magnet and her nekomimi have cute maid ruffles across them. The ears are a nice large size which is awesomely adorable!

Cat Lap Milk's hair is wonderfully wild yet fairly elegant with loose looking curls. The strand detailing is marvellous and the way it lays on the base is cool. Her bangs look full of volume and the way it comes down over her face is seductive. The way her hair is slightly risen from her body at the back and can look a bit unusual, although it is as if she has just spilt milk and has quickly got to the floor to clean it up in front of her Master. The milk cartons are cool and very well detailed, you can place them where you want along with the spilt milk discs.

The paintwork is excellent, and only a few minor issues are present. Her shoe ribbons are messy and there is a line on her hair where it goes to a darker shade. The black of her maid dress has some nice shade details, but the white parts have a more pleasant purplish shading. The white looks great at her knee pits and on her cuffs it's quite stylistic. Her hair has beautiful lighter shades of grey/blue, especially on her bangs, and the white of the ruffle nekomimi stands out against the dark colouration. The black outline on her cuffs and the red of her collar ribbon is really stylish and makes them eye-catching. Her shoe shine is brilliant and the shading on them is superb - it makes her pose more noticeable too. Cat Lap Milk has nice pale skin and the pink shading is great. Her nipples on both sets of breasts have sweet areola colouring with pinks and hints of yellow. Her special place has the same colouration and is made even more inviting with pinks plumping the area. Her panties are striped blue with purple shading to cover her bottom and special area. The blue matches up well with the milk cartons.

Cat Lap Milk is a very pretty lady, her facial expression is a pleasure and she looks to be happily in pleasure as well; cleaning up milk with her cute little tongue! The blush is adorable and the highlights at each side are lovely. A shine on her tongue is seductive and a glimpse at her top teeth is pretty cool. She has beautiful big eyes and lashes it's unique that her closed eye has a properly sculpted lash. Her open eye has lots of detail, a mix of greens and twinkling dots. You can't help but be captivated by the detail and beauty of her.

Cat Lap Milk is not only seductively cute but somehow has an air of modesty about her. What do you think? Will you be her Master?

Sculpting: 9 out of 10
Painting: 9 out of 10
Posing: 10 out of 10
Base: 10 out of 10
Packaging: 10 out of 10
Enjoyment: 10 out of 10

This figure is available from: Eye on Asia, Archonia, Hobby Search, Hobby Link Japan, Amiami, Otacute, Play-Asia, Otakufuel, JList

Cat Lap Milk is not only seductively cute but somehow has an air of modesty about her.
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